Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why baby-proofing your house is not enough!

I have locks on certain cabinets, the medicines are out of reach, small things are kept out of little hands and mouths. You would think this would be enough.

THINK AGAIN - I have two words for all of you: CHRISTMAS SNOOP

I was the queen of snooping at Christmastime. My kids are getting there earlier than I was and they are blaming the little ones. "I didn't open the door, Valen and Cordelia did it." When I ask who told them to do so, and who helped, I get the truth. "I did." Hey, at least they're honest!

So now is the season for snoop-proofing on top of the baby proofing!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Magic Driveway

I'm not kidding! We really have a magic driveway.

We were in the process of cleaning out and getting rid of stuff as we thought we were heading out of state. What we have found out in the process is that almost anything, not wrapped in a trash bag, will disappear from the end of our driveway very quickly.

We didn't actually see the stuff disappear, but what else could it be when the stuff is gone within an hour or so?

We had 2 beat up dressers, a queen size mattress and boxspring, a framed print that was stained and the glass cracked, an extremely old treadmill, as well as various toys find a new home via the magic driveway. What is so funny is that the neighbors' driveways aren't as magical. At least one has asked if they can use mine to see if their stuff would magically disappear instead of ending up in the garbage truck!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I finally have an adult bedroom!!!

Ok, so that title may sound odd, considering I've been married for 12 years, but it's true!

My consolation prize for the roller coaster ride of stay/go around here was getting a new bedroom set. I just put my clothes and things away and it all fits in half of the dresser and in half of the drawers under the bed. I still have an empty chest of drawers!!!! Does this mean I have to convince Odin I need to go shopping?

Plans change!

The last several weeks have been a roller coaster of activity and emotion. This time last week, we were waiting to see if Odin would be getting an offer from SUU. For my own sanity, I pretty much had written off that possibility. Tuesday an offer comes through and Odin and I do the math. Even if they came back with nothing more, we would take it. So I quickly jump on planning the move.

Keep in mind that I can work fast when needed. Talk to the schools, turn in my resignation at the church, figure out where we will live, get the movers, and so on. I am amazed at how much I got done in such a short amount of time. Odin comes home on Wednesday and tells me that UCM may have a better offer for him and that now, once again, we wait. WAIT!?!? I have 5 weeks if we move to Utah, and he says WAIT!?!?

Friday night, Odin walks in the door and tells me we are not moving. His program will be moved to another department and he will be made the chair. Good for us both financially and for his career.

However, the moral of this story is not that good things come to those who wait, nor is it that slow and steady wins the race. Instead, I should learn that sitting back, relaxing, and planning things thoroughly in my head can sometimes be better than racing around and actually accomplishing something! Just kidding. Even though all this week I get to spend reconstructing the life I so efficiently was deconstructing!

It's not surprising, but it is frustrating

I have been trying to find out who is responsible for the no VBAC policy in Warrensburg. In particular, I have been trying to get something in writing. Imagine my complete lack of surprise that I can't find someone willing to take a stand FOR this policy. I am getting quite a bit of run around. I have been told that women who have had previous c-sections are not "allowed" to refuse a repeat c-section because it is a life or death decision and the hospital does not need consent in those situations. I have been told that if a woman were to choose to try and make it to the city and end up having a baby on the way, she would have made a choice to put her and the baby at risk when she could have just had the c-section in town. Let's see, cut her open just because, or let nature take its course and only intervene in a true life or death emergency. I don't know about you, but I would choose the latter.

The best so far is that I heard from one doctor's office that this is a LIABILITY decision and not a patient safety decision! This sounds very close to the whole midwifery argument. Too much can go wrong too quickly, so only doctors should be at the birth, in a hospital, with an operating room and a scalpel at arms reach. GIVE ME A BREAK.

If this is true, and both VBACs and midwifes are too dangerous because anything can happen at a moment's notice, then why don't we legislate that all women have to have c-sections? After all, the doctors in general are saying that birth can cause problems quickly. If they can't care for women in low risk situations after VBACs, and if they can't support and offer care to a women should she be transfered from a homebirth with a competent midwife, how can they be trusted to deliver any babies, especially those of a first time mother?

As I keep digging on this issue, I'll keep posting about it.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

She did it!!!!!

We have been trying for so long, but Cordelia finally did it last night! AND, to sweeten the deal, she did it HAPPILY!!!!!

So, what did she do, you ask? Well, my darling little girl got into bed, let us kiss her goodnight and turn out the lights, and she went to sleep and stayed in her bed until this morning!!!!!!

OK, to be honest, she got up once because she said it felt like there was sand in her bed. To be perfectly honest, there was sand in the bed, and after we took care of the problem, she went back to bed.

Hopefully, this is the start of easier evenings for all of us!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Warrensburg, MO and VBAC

I am overwhelming frustrated with the state of birth in Missouri, specifically Warrensburg. I found out today that it is certain that Western Missouri Medical Center will no longer "allow" women to have a vaginal birth after a Cesarean. If I were to become pregnant again, this would mean that even though babies 3,4,5, and 6 were unmedicated, vaginal births, just because babies 1 and 2 were surgical deliveries, I would be forced to have a major operation to welcome another child whether or not that particular pregnancy had any complications or not.

I have several questions about this policy, a few of which I have shared below.
1. What if I refuse to consent to surgery? Will you get a court order and tie me down before you slice me open?
2. Are you really going to practice the idea of informed consent? Are you going to tell me all the risks associated with a c-section vs the lesser risks of a VBAC?
3. Are you willing to back up this policy with current, reliable, non-biased research? The last discussion I had with certain physicians at Western Missouri Medical Center showed me that this current department did not follow current research when it came to breastfed babies and surgery.
4. Who is making this decision, and why am I having such a hard time getting a copy of a written policy.

There are soooooo many thoughts running through my head on this topic. First I need to arm myself with written policies, evidence, and the like. Next, I'm on a quest to right a wrong.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wolfman spotted!

It's probably time I open up and publicly declare that I am married to a wolfman.

Odin is showing signs of transformation daily and it won't be too much longer until his ruggedly handsome facial features are indistinguishable from those of his cousin, the wolfman. So, if you see a hairy man wandering around in a suit, don't follow your instinct and run, it's just Odin showing off his ability to grow facial hair! He's promised that just like many furry creatures, the hair will disappear in the warmer months of spring.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Mt. Washmore

I told Byron to come back to my room last night because I had something for him. I pushed a full basket of clean laundry his way and told him it was his very own Mt. Washmore. I don't know why, but he got very giddy and started talking about his mountain and how he had to conquer it. I have never seen him fold and put away laundry so quickly. Maybe I should have had him do the towels too!

Not knowing is worse than knowing

Have you ever been too afraid to get an answer because you are afraid of what the answer might be?

Not me! Especially not now. The not knowing is just about killing me. I am wandering the house trying to figure out what to do next. I have too many things that I am waiting to hear back on that I am in a weird situation of lots to do, but not really able to do any of it until I get some answers.

I guess I'll do the laundry and the dishes. No matter what happens, the laundry and the dishes will always be there waiting for me.

Cordelia's idea

Cordelia did fine while were away, but now that we are home, she wants Valen to step aside.

According to my 3 1/2 year old, "You had enough baby boy time when you went on your trip. I want Cordelia time." She just doesn't understand that he needs to nurse every day whether we are at home or out of town!

Friday, November 02, 2007


The weekend is here and we are busy as ever. Odin and Byron are camping with Cub Scouts tomorrow through Sunday, and I leave tomorrow for the LLL of Mo Conference. I am presenting a session on Following your Passion while Raising Your Family. Here's what I am am hoping the attendees will understand when they leave:

I want to be my children's Mom, but I don't want to JUST be their Mom. I want to be ME! That includes being the best Mom I can be, while modeling that I am important too! My passions are a worthwhile endeavor that make me a better person. In turn, following my passions makes me a better Mom!

I will do my best to prioritize my life to include taking time for my passions. I won't need to neglect my children as I will find a way to make sure their needs are met. I will utilize the support of others to meet this goal and I will do my best to support them in turn.