Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting older, but still having fun!

Check out Odin playing around on a Sunday morning. No special effects, this is how the light saber shows up on camera.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Time for change

Notice anything different? I had my hair cut yesterday, and just for fun, had it temporarily straightened. IT TOOK AN HOUR! I get to keep it this way until I wash it later in the week. She did show me how to do it, but who has an hour to work on their hair?

Valen didn't like it too much and stayed away from me for a few hours. He wouldn't even take a cup from me. The other kids think it looks weird. Odin and I kinda like it, but the curls are so much easier.

I wonder if I went to the capital with straight hair one day and curly the next, if they would think I was two different people voicing my support for midwifery. It'd be fun to try!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Not quite two -

On Wednesday, Valen will be two years old. It seems to me that this child, the youngest of the six has come into his "twoness" quite early. The words and signs have been there for a while. He is able to get into the treehouse, able to get up on the trampoline, gets onto the counter to get into the upper cabinets and last but not least he knows how to get on the computer.

This last one is the reason I have been so quiet lately. Around December 20, Valen climbed up and opened my closed laptop and proceeded to rip 21 keys off the keyboard, and chew on a few before I realized what he was doing. To make it a little funnier - I WAS IN THE KITCHEN - 10 feet away, with no walls between us. Needless to say, he did this in record time. I have been without my laptop in the dining room since then. It came home fixed and with a big price tag on Friday.

has up a group shot of the kids at Christmas, and as soon as I catch up and get the photos downloaded, I'll get more up!