Friday, September 28, 2007


Now that he's clued me in a little more on the job hunt, Odin has let me know that he applied for a job in Colorado. Not just any job at any university, but UCCS. This is incredibly funny to me. I asked Odin if he knew that the UCCS library was where I did the bulk of my research for the debate team in high school. The building has changed quite a bit in the past several years, and it looks like the somewhat close parking I enjoyed is no more!

So, it makes me ponder the thought of moving back to where I grew up. What would it be like to live within walking distance of my parents. Tonight, as the kids are begging to stay up "just a few more minutes," made me dream of having help nearby when Odin is out of town. Better yet, as we start to enter the teen years, wouldn't it be nice to say the following to a cranky child, "Take a walk and tell Grandma and Grandpa all about how mean your mom is."

The downside would be that Grandma and Grandpa may actually sympathize with their grandkids over things I would never have gotten away with!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Utah and North Dakota

To amuse myself, I have started checking out Utah and North Dakota. These are the two places that Odin has clued me in on regarding his job search. So far, Utah is noteworthy because midwifery is expressly legal! I am very excited, not because I want another baby (Mom and Grandma - take a breath!), but because I won't have to spend so much time working on that piece of legislation and can pester the lawmakers about other things. North Dakota is a little tricky in the sense that I just can't make heads or tails of the information I've found thus far. I'll have to keep digging.

The positive side of North Dakota is the fact that it is much closer to family. We are talking 2-6 hours to lots of relatives. Maybe someone would even offer to watch the kids every now and then (hint, hint). The house listings on looked promising as well and Odin would be able to chose a new (well, newer) house or a really old one. Truthfully, housing in either state would be doable.

The big thing I am wondering about is the weather. While I think it gets cold here in MO, I am sure I would get a rude awakening in either place. Let's just hope the jobs would start after this winter. Otherwise, I'll just stay indoors as much as possible if we move during the winter!

On my own

Odin has gone to Virginia and left me alone, outnumbered, and with a messy house. The odds are against me, but what the kids don't seem to understand is that though they think they are coming up with new tricks, I have seen and done it all. In fact, I did it better! No sneaking around watching late night TV on my watch!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ethics in Action: The Courage to Stand Up

A friend sent me the following to help me gain a little perspective.

Ethics in Action: The Courage to Stand Up
(by Mark S. Putnam)

Standing up for your ethical principles takes courage. Courage is the ability to face danger, difficulty, uncertainty, or pain without being overcome by fear. When you see something happening that just doesn't seem right do you have the courage to stand-up and do something? What are you afraid of? Retribution, disapproval, your image, damaged relationships, or simply the unknown? Courage is about setting aside your fear and taking action for the good of yourself or someone else.

The principle of standing up to protect someone's rights as well as basic principles of honesty, moral virtue, and ethical behavior is a noble cause. We need to have a sense of moral justice in our approach to unethical behavior so it disturbs something deep within our character when we see it.. But simply being offended by wrongdoing is not enough. Courage comes in confronting those feelings inside and taking action.

A courageous person is that one individual in a crowd of onlookers who actually steps out and does something. A young man named Kristopher Kime who was beaten to death while trying to rescue a woman during the Seattle Mardi Gras riots showed enormous courage. He probably had the same feelings of fear, shock, hesitation, and anger that you would experience in the midst of a street riot. But he did something extremely courageous by stepping out from the stunned crowd to save an innocent life. When you stand up for principles of goodness and virtue it may feel like a mob attack.

Human nature tells us that if nothing is ever said or done about bad behavior it will continue or get worse. Allowing things to "slide" will eventually take everything else for the same ride. Ethics without the component of courage to stand-up for it keeps it in the realm of heady philosophy and out of reality.

So, what does courage look like on a daily basis? There are no crowds of onlookers or T.V. cameras to record your courage or pass judgment. It's usually just you and maybe a few others, face-to-face or on the other end of the phone. The first level of action is your initial reaction. Questioning what sounds wrong. Suggesting alternatives. This is a courageous, ethical reflex. In order for this quick response to become a natural reflex, you need to be prepared in your mind and character and be ready for a response.

The second level is to approach the person with whom you have a problem. This is NOT easy. Most of us don't naturally confront people. To most of us, the courage to actually go up and talk face-to-face takes a superhuman Kristopher Kime level of courage. Your voice trembles, stomach hurts, beads of sweat roll down your face. It certainly FEELS like a life or death struggle. But remember, courage is about facing difficulty without being overcome by fear.

The third level of action is to find help. Especially when someone else's rights or property are at play you need to take things to the next level. Rather than think of yourself as a "tattle-tale," consider yourself a courageous "change-agent for good." Again, this is not easy. Be ready. Having someone fight your battle for you may be harder than fighting it yourself. You still have to face your coworkers AND you lose most (or all) control over the path to a solution.

Principles of decency, integrity and what is good and right are not to be treaded upon lightly. Ethics is more than just following a set of rules, it is a part of our deeply-held belief system that makes-up the core of our character. It is worth protecting. It is worth stepping out in courage and making personal sacrifices.

Whether you think you share the courageous qualities of a hero or not…rest assured that you do.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Surgery cancelled

I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or feel relief. Surgery was canceled today. The head of anesthesiology did not feel that we would get the best care as "everyone" was apprehensive about our case. He suggested we stay away for at least 3 months. I'm not sure what will happen next, but a new town is looking better and better right now.

He said that policies need to be clear. My thoughts are that if his policy had been clear, and that if he and his colleagues had answered my questions and not backed away from them, that we would never have gotten to this point. Odin leaves on Wed for his NCATE trip. Surgery cancelled may not be such a bad thing.

Healthcare system

We are off! #6 is going in to have his tonsils reduced and his adenoids removed this morning. He is getting away with more than I could ever imagine as he can't eat or drink and I am trying to keep him distracted.

I have put forth so much effort into getting to know the healthcare providers we use here in town as well as in the city. It just recently dawned on me that I will have to start all over once Odin finds a new job.

I have to wonder if whatever town get us will be ready for me? Odin will fit in anywhere - hardworking, team player that he is. You know the type - works too hard too often! But then there is me. I can't seem to keep my mouth shut when something isn't right. It's not the little things, it's the stuff that could potentially harm my family, or for that matter, the next family in line. I figure if it affects us, it's got to be an issue for another family as well. I know I can stand up for what's right, the next person might not be able to speak up for a variety of reasons. Maybe that's why I like politics so much!

So, back to the point. Odin is job hunting seriously again. So, I have to check out all the areas to which he applies. What are the schools like? Healthcare? Breastfeeding and midwifery legislation? The list goes on and on.

Well, I guess know I'll have to find time to do the research as it's way too important!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Small town vs. Big (well, bigger) City

I know, I haven't posted in what seems like eons, but it's not like I am sitting around eating bon bons all day. Partly because I don't know if there are any bon bons out there that are gluten and dairy free, but mostly because life in around here is busier than usual.

Aside from the fact that I am trying to keep up with the legalities of midwifery here in MO, I have started a new bakery business, Deanna's Kitchen. Now, to top it all off, Odin is starting to clue me in more on his job search.

While I do like where I live, and I love our home, I realize that Odin has dreams and I am more than happy to support him in any new venture. We will find a home and find our niche in whatever new community we choose. What I'm more stressed about is the fact that he is not limiting his search to small college towns! I DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN A BIG CITY!!!!!!!!! Give me a small town, a house with a view of something not flat and empty space not too far away and I'll be happy. As much as I want him to succeed, I hope the universities in the small towns are the ones interested in him and the bigger schools find someone else!