Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I'm going to bed now. The droid (the family's name for the scooba) can stay up and clean my kitchen floor for me! Gosh, I am such a good housewife and so good at multi-tasking that I can wash the floor and sleep all at the same time.

Happy Valentine's Day

We have finally convinced Odin that Valentine's Day does not equal candy! It should be a good day here tomorrow - No school and a 5 day weekend! Unfortunately, 4 out of the five kids are home sick today. We'll see if Acacia ends up sick in the next couple of days. I'm getting better at dealing with multiple sick children. The work never ends while they are awake, but at least they will rest here and there and veg out in front of the TV.

This year, I researched and bought a new toy that I am totally in LOVE with. Odin is relieved to know that this is what he is giving me for Valentine's Day. I have a Scooba to clean my floors for me!!!! The white kitchen floor is actually white, clean, and even shiny!!! I'll have the girls turn it on in the basement bathroom later today and then ALL the hard surface floors in the house will be clean!!! Best part - I don't have to supervise this machine - I can even leave the house while it is on!!!!! Odin's happy that I am not one of those women who hates getting appliances as gifts!

I finally found Rocketman at Amazon for Odin. It is such a hilariously silly movie that the family enjoys. "It wasn't me!" Odin and I watched it last night as the next few nights have us out and about and are our family TV nights.

We are braving mess and I found Moon Sand for the kids. They really like the small set we got for Valen and Cordelia and I thought it would be neat to get enough for them all at once. Gee whiz, it sure takes alot to get all five of them able to play at the same time. I ended up getting 2 of the big buckets and a couple more play sets. For us, it works better than play dough because it doesn't dry out.

Busy weekend, but at least the kids are fever sick and not puking sick!