Monday, November 01, 2010

It's a proud day...

Today was one of those "firsts" that make you cry proud tears as a mother. Today, my 14 year old daughter decided that she is fed up with those who do not take time to learn about the issues before they spout off about candidates (granted, those people are high-schoolers, but the sentiment is the same). Today, my 14 year old daughter said "Yes" to helping get out the vote by making phone calls to people in the 4th congressional district. There was no enticing and no begging. I merely let her know that she could help if she wanted, and before she knew exactly what was involved, she said yes.

One of my goals is to raise my children to be involved and willing to work to make our world a better place. I want them to be aware and to know that their opinion matters. I want them to work for change within the system and to persevere even when the road to victory is hard and tedious. I want them to state the problem along with a potential solution.

Teaching all of my children this lesson over and over again is time consuming and not always fun. However, I am now seeing the fruit of all this hard work. My children are aware and involved. They are an active part of the solution.

She said yes, and I tried to hide my proud mamma tears.

Don't make her efforts go to waste. Take time November 2 to VOTE. Remember that it is not only your right but your RESPONSIBILITY.

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