Thursday, October 28, 2010

What follows is a letter I sent to Representative Hoskins in response to the robocalls that were received by the constituents of the 121st Missouri House of Representatives District . If you haven't heard about them, you can go to the Show Me Progress blog to read and listen. As this is so low and underhanded for a local race, the story was also picked up by the Huffington Post for the nation to see. I have no problem with truth in advertising, but the truth is not evident in this message, not even a grain of it. At least sources for claims are listed on the print attack pieces so we see how the truth is being bent.

I wonder how many children now have the word "pornography" in their vocabulary thanks to Denny Hoskins attempt at reelection in the 121st district. I really hope that voters see this latest attack on Courtney Cole as desperate, underhanded, and an incredible reason to vote new leadership into the Missouri House of Representatives with Courtney Cole.

Dear Representative Hoskins,
Yesterday, phone calls, paid for by HRCC, went out all over town. I am writing to thank you and your supporters for the opportunity to explain pornography, gay pornography, and the attack on Mrs. Cole to my 10 year old daughter.

This is not what politics is about. I supported your campaign during the last race and worked hard on Senator Pearce's campaign. I support candidates and not parties. The fact that you allow the HRCC to send out and keep sending out the negative pieces on your behalf is enough to make me change my mind about voting Republican when I don't know the individuals in the race.

My kids have said that this is being talked about at school. Please let me know why you think it is appropriate to align yourself with people who call with distasteful and disgusting content for children to hear. Your family values are definitely not the same as mine, and it would seem that anyone the HRCC supports is not who I want representing me, my family, or my friends in Jefferson City or anywhere else.

-Deanna Jurkowski

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